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Homemade Ranch
Homemade Bleu Cheese
Raspberry Vinaigrette

​Homemade White Balsamic Vinaigrette
Honey Mustard
Thousand Island

MICA'S Specialty

Soups & Salads MENU

    We pride ourselves in offering all homemade soups with the freshest ingredients.  
    Please ask your server about our soups of the day.

​Soup du jour  Cup $4/ Bowl $6

Crab Bisque  Cup $7/ Bowl $8

French Onion  Bowl  $8

Seasonal (see server)  $8 Sm/$11 Lg

Caesar (Creamy Caesar)  $6 Sm/$8 Lg
        romaine tossed in classic dressing, topped 
        with parmesan cheese and crostinis

Loaded Wedge (your choice of dressing)  $6
        baby iceberg, blue cheese crumbles, bacon, tomato 
        and green onion

Greek (Homemade White Balsamic Vinaigrette)  $8 Sm/$11 Lg
        romaine, cucumbers, cherry tomato, bell pepper, 
        onion, kalamata olive, feta and parmesan.  finished with 
        pepperoncini and crostinis

High Country Chop (Ranch)  $8 Sm/$11 Lg
        romaine, fried chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, 
        cheddar cheese, onion, tomato 
        and finished with croutons